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New Website

Well, here we go with our Midline Meditation (MM) website launch!  The concept to even have such a thing grew out of our ongoing conversations about the changes we were seeing in ourselves and our clients with the practice of MM.  We thought it would be fairly easy and straight forward to create a simple site with basic information …. we had NO IDEA what really engaging in that process would do for us.  It has been much like a river trip through beautiful, deep territories, some white water (but no Class 5’s!) and lovely to say that we are still in the boat and better commadres than ever.  It’s quite a thrill to see the site emerge as a true product of the 3 of us.  I suppose it’s possible to say that “what” we’ve written here might have been written a year ago, but the 3 of us have changed and grown so much in the process of doing this project together that we’re just not the same as when we started. We’re better, clearer, and more integrated human beings.  That’s just the Way of it.

Wren   5/20/2015

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