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We have found this body-centered meditation practice to be beneficial to the healing, peace and well being of all who use it. Midline Meditation assists in giving you the awareness and perspective to experience a greater quality of Presence and authenticity with yourself and with others.

Midline Meditation classes are now offered now in: 


Hospice Organizations
Community Gatherings
As an adjunct to Private Classes

Each of us who teaches Midline Meditation offers one-on-one and group instruction through one or more of the following options:

Private Training
Public Talks
Downloads or CDs

Group Training
Monthly Immersions
4 to 8 week classes 
Phone Sessions 
Family Training
Business Presentations

Custom Classes: Please contact a teacher to design your presentation or training

Each of the teachers on this website offers ongoing basic and advanced Midline Meditation classes in their own communities, works regularly with groups and individuals, and/or provides mentoring by phone or Skype.  They each travel to present one, two, and three day Midline Meditation and Biodynamic Cranial Touch trainings. Contact any individual teacher for upcoming options.


Mary Ellen (Florence, KY – Cincinnati, OH) offers ongoing 4,6, and 8 week Midline Meditation classes, mentoring, and monthly gatherings for Midline Meditation graduates.

Synergy is an approved provider for CE hours with the NCBTMB in Meditation, Ethics, and Biodynamic Cranial Touch, at Synergy Holistic Health Center in Florence, KY. Please contact Mary Ellen personally or go to the Synergy website for more information and a calendar of upcoming scheduled classes.


Wren (Tucson, AZ) offers a weekly Midline Meditation class at her office in the Center for Healing Arts in Tucson, AZ.  She is available for personal meditation mentoring as well as Biodynamic Cranial Touch classes for CE credits through the NCBTMB.

She incorporates biodynamic principles and midline meditation as foundational practices in her curriculum the Starwalker’s Voyage: Discovery and Conscious Evolution.


Sandra (Ashland, OR) offers private instruction, mentoring and

coaching in Midline Meditation and Biodynamic Cranial Touch,

and many of these offerings may be available for CE credits through the NCBTMB.

She also offers “Immersion into Stillness” retreats in Ashland, OR. These personal retreats in beautiful Ashland can be designed for 1-5 days and combines Midline Meditation, holistic bodywork and Biodynamic Cranial Touch sessions.

Please contact Sandra directly for designing personal or group Midline Meditation instruction, and for designing your own personal retreat into Stillness.



Midline Meditation offered me techniques that will provide a lifetime of benefits.  The Midline Meditation practices were transformational for me.  Thank you.  –C.G. Counselor

My Midline Meditation teacher has a gift that has now been given to me.  Thank you.  Becoming the Self, through Midline Meditation is a realization that you can enhance the self and in turn the world that turns around you, connect to the natural and become supernatural.  -A.W.  Mom

Midline Meditation classes have helped me to establish a practice of being in touch with my best self, of staying in a state of Being throughout my day; that brings compassion, understanding, and the best results in all activities and relationships with others.  The practice of being in midline also lends itself to allowing the establishing of other habits that I have longed to allow into my life… a better ability to stay on track..such as taking the time to walk, to be in Nature and to do all with Mindfulness.  It brings a Lightness to the way I feel inside the physical body.  Midline Meditation is a way to be truly Me.  The class has been exactly what I hoped for, even if I did not know exactly how that would come about at the beginning.  Thank you.  -K.M.  LMT

Over the past 40 years I have practiced various forms of meditation, including TM, Mindfulness, Guided Imagery and most recently Neelakantha. I know that when I practice regularly, wonderful and amazing things happen in my life.  I felt it was very good for beginners.  It gave me a greater sense of well-being.  I enjoyed the handouts and the communication from others.  -P.B.  Nurse

It has been an amazing experience attending the Midline Meditations.  I have unsuccessfully practiced other meditations that are mantra based or focused on going outside of the body.  The Midline Meditations are stunningly successful at bringing me immediately into the depths of my own body, into my own profound birthright of deep inner stillness.  I have never meditated like this before.  Not only is the instructor incredibly gifted with her guided meditation, but the group field itself is unbelievably powerful.  The group field both assists me in achieving the deep inner connectedness within myself as well as connecting me deeply with the others. The inspired guidance coupled with the ever expanding group field makes this method of meditation the best I have ever encountered.  -S.T.,  Attorney

I am learning new practices and “skills” that are helping me in my journey toward wholeness and real spirituality.  -M.H.  M.D./Pastoral Counselor

These sessions provide me with spiritual fuel and go-power for the month and also strengthen my personal practice.   – B.W. LMT

Throughout our time together I feel that there is the highest level of integrity held for individual experiences in a safe environment…Each time is a new and different experience for me. Yet there is also a feeling of “coming home” as we begin the guided portion of each gathering. With this comes a sense of reconnecting and deep calmness. (In my life) I note an ability both personally and professionally to more easily hold my own space. In turn this allows for more authentic exchange, be it in a therapeutic setting, personal conversation or casual interactions.It is less tempting to get caught up in ‘story’ and easier to be fully present.

THANK YOU THANK YOU for being willing to hold these wonderful gatherings!  -B.J.M, BSc, PT, LMT

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