Opening the Gateway to Health and Consciousness

Welcome to the Midline Meditation website!

 It is an honor for us to have gathered and organized a rich legacy of information and experience about this profound practice.

We dedicate this site to every human being upon this planet. May all of us discover and rest in our Home inside…the flowing river of stillness in the core of the spine that is the midline.

This sanctuary inside is our birthright of wholeness, of connection to Source, the Earth, and optimal health.

The midline is where we directly experience the voice of our Soul and our deepest intuitive guidance. The restfulness and peace experienced here is available in every moment of our lives.

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Say “Yes”

Housed within the midline of each of us is The Continuum of Life; expressing as a living, breathing, rhythm of love and endless resource.  The gifts I have enjoyed from the knowledge and practice of Midline Meditation are endless, in every aspect of my life.  I know this practice heals.  My clients and students who choose to learn and practice Midline Meditation find the same to be true for them.  Everyone is designed with a safe place of connection to the Breath of Life, with all of the resources and guidance needed for a healthy, happy, purposeful life.

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New Website

Well, here we go with our Midline Meditation (MM) website launch!  The concept to even have such a thing grew out of our ongoing conversations about the changes we were seeing in ourselves and our clients with the practice of MM.  We thought it would be fairly easy and straight forward to create a simple site with basic information …. we had NO IDEA what really engaging in that process would do for us.  It has been much like a river trip through beautiful, deep territories, some white water (but no Class 5’s!) and lovely to say that we are still in the boat and better commadres than ever.  

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