Opening the Gateway to Health and Consciousness

Say “Yes”

Housed within the midline of each of us is The Continuum of Life; expressing as a living, breathing, rhythm of love and endless resource.  The gifts I have enjoyed from the knowledge and practice of Midline Meditation are endless, in every aspect of my life.  I know this practice heals.  My clients and students who choose to learn and practice Midline Meditation find the same to be true for them.  Everyone is designed with a safe place of connection to the Breath of Life, with all of the resources and guidance needed for a healthy, happy, purposeful life. There is enough clinical data on meditation, mindfulness, how the brain works, the mind-body connection, how to counter the effects of stress, anxiety, and trauma;  that it’s hard, these days, to miss how a simple practice of meditation can change your life in a positive way.  And Midline Meditation IS Simple!   It’s not always Easy to develop a new practice, but this one is simple.  And Inviting.  And Welcoming.  And Rewarding.  

All you need to do is say “yes”,  I would like to learn that, or start with…‘yes” I would like to learn more about it. 

I hope you will give it a try and if you are drawn to it I know you will find gifts waiting for when you say Yes!

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