Opening the Gateway to Health and Consciousness

Welcome to Midline

Welcome to the Midline

There is one Unified Field of Life and there are many ways for us to open to this Field.
Midline Meditation is one of them.

What if you could use a simple practice anytime in your day to consciously
retrain your brain to activate health, reduce stress and anxiety,
and support a deeper connection to your Source? 
It’s possible through Midline Meditation.

Midline Meditation is a personal energy practice.  More than a meditation
technique, this approach grounds you in body feeling awareness.  This is a practice that
ignites embodied awakening, and brings any individual or group into
a field of coherence.  It is an easy way to access your personal
midline of stillness for healing, balance or simply to find inner peace. 
The effect is a profound shift in your state of consciousness supporting
personal growth and spiritual discovery.

You access Wholeness simply by learning Midline Meditation.


Essence of the Midline

"As we are conceived, as we come into Being, the midline is our first function. It is the most essential of functions in our lives and in our Being and in our generation and in our healing. Without it we wouldn’t even come into existence let alone make any progress towards our own health."

James Jealous, D.O. – Biodynamics of Osteopathy CD, Midline #1


“The moment you relax into the inherent stillness in your body, and let your feelings be, as they are, the magic begins: the inner war ceases… the infusion of the Breath of Life will pour its healing radiance into your contracted body, and promptly return it to health.” -Charles Ridley

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