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Midline Meditation is easy to learn, requires no special equipment, and the benefits are cumulative. It can be practiced anywhere, any time, by yourself, with another, or with a group; and you can choose whether you want to practice in a single sitting or throughout your day.  Studies show just minutes each day will begin to provide you with benefits, including long-term improvement in brain function and capacity; and there are no negative side effects. Midline Meditation, offered the way we teach it, gives you the benefits of directive and non-directive meditation.  With such a huge list of benefits, the question you should ask yourself is, “why am I not using this meditation?”

If you need a point to start from, try our guided meditation downloads and CDs, classes, or private mentoring.  They are all affordable and can provide you with a good foundation from which to develop your practice.   


  • Unifies the group or relational field
  • Stabilizes and grounds each individual within the group
  • Awakens, strengthens and stabilizes the Heart Field
  • Ignites the healing forces for all participants
  • Anchors each person and the group to the healing energies of the Earth, and opens the Field to Source, inviting direct embodied awareness, awakened guidance and intuition.


The effects of practicing Midline Meditation together are cumulative and progressive. That is, any person, relationship or group using this practice may experience greater connectivity, deepen heart centered awareness, promote grounding, bring about a calming of the stress responses for all participants, ignite the healing responses for each person, and help connect each person to a felt sense of Source.



Midline Meditation offers a unique approach to stress relief, brain balancing and integration through the voyage home to your Self, within your own Midline.  Every person with a health concern eventually arrives at the need to address the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects to achieve a complete healing.   The biodynamic principle provides a map and body-feeling-awareness becomes the compass to explore your personal territory.  This is especially helpful for people who feel they can’t meditate due to chronic pain, anxiety or a mind that just won’t settle down.   Once you are familiar with the principle of the maps and territories of your inner landscape, the experience becomes simple. 

Understanding that illness, stress and injury can wreak havoc in a person’s life and livingness, Midline Meditation helps you focus on where to start on the path to health and integration.  To find rest in a world of tension is the goal, peace of mind and equanimity is the result.  This upright work is the perfect complement to holistic bodywork…like Biodynamic Cranial Touch.

We offer consultations to assist in discovering your most appropriate engagement for personal energy awareness training, meditation guidance, biodynamic cranial work, and wise conversation.



  • Increase blood flow and slow the heart rate
  • Improve post-operative healing
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Relieve asthma symptoms
  • Improve Fertility (stress can interfere with the release of hormones that regulate ovulation)
  • Lead to deeper physical relaxation
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Reduce anxiety attacks by lowering the levels of blood lactate
  • Reduce Pre-menstrual symptoms
  • Reduce free radicals, resulting in less tissue damage
  • Drop cholesterol levels, lowering risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Diminish focus on pain with chronic diseases
  • Lower perspiration
  • Reduce or eliminate headaches & migraines
  • Relax the nervous system
  • Produce lasting beneficial changes in brain electrical activity


  • Increase serotonin level, positively influencing mood and behavior
  • Increase one’s perceptual ability and motor performance
  • Increase brain wave coherence
  • Improve learning ability and memory
  • Improve focus & concentration
  • Increase communication between the two brain hemispheres
  • Decrease aggressiveness

  • Help in quitting smoking, alcohol addiction
Help improve or eliminate insomnia

  • Increase listening skills and empathy
Increase patience and tolerance


  • Provide peace of mind, happiness
Help you discover your purpose
Increase compassion

  • Deeper understanding of yourself and others
Increase acceptance of oneself, and others


…I have tried on several kinds of meditation in my life, and this was by far the most grounding and relaxing I have ever experienced…Thank you so much for bringing this to my life at this time – perfect.It was especially lovely to be in your soothing and healing space… very light and safe, and I felt cradled.  The circle of heart-opening during meditation was delicious and did indeed feel like honey – sweet surrender to the ooze.  -K.K. Artist

 Over the past 40 years I have practiced various forms of meditation, including TM, Mindfulness, Guided Imagery and most recently Neelakantha. I know that when I practice regularly, wonderful and amazing things happen in my life.I was recently introduced to Midline Meditation and found myself immediately and easily taken to that deep place within that I know so well. While I’ve always been able to achieve a state of relaxation and transcendence through mantra repetition, I’m aware of a very dramatic difference with Midline. In following the guided instruction, I become aware of my body in a way that’s very grounding without being distracting. At the same time, I experience the spiritual peace that I attain with my mantra meditations.The beauty of the method is that it’s so simple, so consistent and so quick. I find that I’m able to recapture this sense of grounded peace very easily whenever I need to in my life. Midline Meditation utilizes the body and mind, as well as the spirit, which is the perfect approach for me as I strive to maintain balance in my life.  -J. R., RN, Life Coach

I had never given much thought to the care and attention of my central nervous system until recently.  Like most of us, I just assumed that it was one of the systems in the body that automatically reset and essentially managed itself.   I didn’t link the behaviors like the tapping foot, bouncy knee, distracted mental focus or wiry energy to the health of my central nervous system.  It’s odd, really how little care and attention we give to this most primary functional system of the body.Our midline is one of the first functions to appear in the opaque field of potential life in the earliest days after conception.   It shows up as a primitive streak, the basis of all form and function that the new life form holds.   In its earliest incarnation it is a vibrating center axis, the original experience of stillness which is literally the foundation of our life form.Interestingly every living thing has a midline of stillness.  A primitive streak that is the vibrating inner core of being.  In the practice of midline meditation this place is referred to as dynamic stillness.  Thinking of a meditation practice in biological terms is grounding and real, because beyond all practice of mindfulness, the weight of our viscera, the experience of the body carries the truth.Learning to settle into my body through my midline has been extraordinary.  Entering through the top of the head and feeling the midline of the body beginning in the brain and ending at the tailbone is deeper than relaxation.  It is like re-inhabiting my center.   It has given me an experience of stillness that I had not previously known.   When you get this quiet in your core, there is no other time than the present and the idea of being a receiver instead of a transmitter in the world has a felt experience.I have been lucky enough to experience this meditation instruction a few times with a wise teacher and a diverse, vital group of people seeking stillness in them selves. There is nothing esoteric about it, I realize as days pass and  my connection to the learning slips away. My connection to my insides fades and my central nervous system overdrive takes over.  – W.S. Business Owner

Each gathering allows me to experience where my body/mind/spirit is at that time. I also experience a deep, pleasant heaviness that is at once still but dynamic and very different from what I experience when I ground my energy deep into the earth. (In my life) I find it is easier to remember the discipline of coming back to the midline either in the heart or the belly and be in my body. This meditation helps me in my experience of being alive and becoming more aware in the present of what it feels like to know we are all connected.  -L.A., Intuitive Healer

I love the guided meditation… How wonderful to bring this into my practice. A presence. A connection of which is so profound it often is overlooked but the midline meditation allows one to come home to source. Something very personal and intimate but at the same time so immense that it encompasses everything. Thank you for offering an avenue to connect to our inherent wisdom.  -J.O., D.C.

As we drop into dynamic stillness, I feel as though I am journeying home.  I receive healing and growth from these experiences, and would recommend the work to anyone seeking inner, heartfelt work.  -D.W.  Practitioner

The Midline Meditations have been a welcome addition to my meditation and spiritual practices. Having explored many techniques and meditation modalities, I have been surprised by the simplicity and effectiveness of this approach. I find I am more easily able to enter into Stillness and to bathe in the deeply calming and restorative energies that are seemingly more easily accessed and integrated through this particular technique…we are being given clear instructions that allow the mind and personality to take a back seat to the greater forces of Soul and Spirit, while anchoring us in our bodies in such a way that I feel I receive the light and energy more fully throughout the body. Each session has found me being expertly guided by the teacher and the group field to a place of deep awareness, knowing, rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. I believe this technique calls this being in the Midline…I call it being in heaven.I find that this technique has accelerated my intuitive gifts, my ability to maintain witness consciousness and to make clearer choices about how to respond to life rather than react to it. I more easily stay in a calm centered space in my day to day dealings, and clearly have access to increased energy and more ease, grace and joy. For the first time I am enjoying being in my body and find that hanging out in the mind and thought is less appealing. I have an increased capacity to stay present and to face anything that life throws at me. This technique is helping me to make peace with many aspects of myself. I feel the benefits on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.I highly recommend this technique and working with the instructor and the beautiful group participants that have been drawn together thus far. I am confident that both beginner and advanced meditation practitioner will receive tremendous benefits.  -E.F., Healer

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