Opening the Gateway to Health and Consciousness


Overview of the Midline

There is one Unified Field of Life.

It is a luminous, shifting, changing, vibrant field of infinite possibilities.

It is called the Web of Life, God, Source, Oneness, Unity Consciousness.

All of creation- seen and unseen- is interconnected within this field of life.

Every living being on this planet is connected to this unseen, life giving web of life:

            trees, plants, humans, mountains, insects, whales…..

As life is created from this Oneness, the essential blueprint of that lifeform flows through the midline core of that being and creates the unique structure and function of that life.

We are designed for stillness.

The midline is a core channel of dynamic, breathing stillness connected to the web of life. Through the midline flow the forces of creation, the forces that sustain life and support optimum growth and flourishing, and this Breath of Life (as it is called in the cranial field) breathes the unfolding and lifespan of this particular life form.

When that life cycle is complete, the structure (body/container) around this dynamic breathing stillness falls away, and the essence of life returns to the Infinite.

All beings on this planet have a midline, including the human body.

The midline is a core of stillness in the center of our spine, flowing from our tailbones down into the heart of this planet. This line of stillness flows out through the crown, and through these portals the Infinite continuously breathes life, optimal health and wholeness into each being.

The midline is the channel through which consciousness is breathed into our bodies, and this stillness informs every cell with the remembrance that we are beings from the infinite, that we are in a human body to re-member this truth, to allow the infinite to infuse our bodies with optimal health, wholeness and awakening to this truth of our interconnectedness with the web of life.

The midline is also a line of orientation that connects us to continuously renewing sources of energy for our lives. Like trees in a forest, the human body is designed to draw renewable energy from the earth- the pulsing electromagnetics of this planet, and to receive energy in the form of light through the crown and into every cell of our body.

The midline is our lifeline. It is our energetic umbilical cord not only to this planet, but to the infinite, breathing web of life. All of these sources of energy, belonging and innate sense of oneness are available to us in every moment of our lives.

Neutral: receiving the infinite into our bodies

The midline has an innate quality of neutral. It is a receiver of the infinite, allowing this continuous flow of health and consciousness through it. Just as a river bed allows the river to flow unimpeded towards its merging back into the oneness of the ocean, so too does the neutral resonance of the midline innately allow the unimpeded flow of the Breath of Life.

The midline is the only neutral structure in the human body: as such it is a gateway for the Breath of Life to flow health, wholeness and consciousness into our bodies.

Midline Meditation: orienting our awareness to the source of neutral

When we rest our attention in the midline, we rest in this place of stillness, neutral and peace. The longer we are able to rest here, we allow the neutral to deepen and widen. Here, there is literally nothing to do. We allow the Breath of Life to flow again unimpeded through the midline and to fill every cell with Life.

Non-doing allows the non-dual state of Oneness to arise, moment by moment.

The midline is truly our Home inside of us, always available in every moment, no matter our outer circumstances.

Midline Meditation is a practice of gathering all of our mental transmitting, constant swirl of thoughts and emotions and gently focusing our attention and awareness down and in to the neutral restfulness in the midline.

Each moment we rest down and into the midline, the hyperactivity of the nervous system and busy mind begin to relax and soften.

Training the brain in service to health, wholeness and awakening consciousness

Every moment we make the choice to rest in, orient from and live from the midline, we are literally training our brain to be in service to our health, wholeness and awakening consciousness. Through this process of neuroplasticity, the brains’ neural pathways are trained towards the only source of neutral in the body: the midline.

This training of the brain to be in service to health and awakening consciousness is taught through Midline Meditation as a meditation practice, and more importantly we teach midline awareness to be used in every moment of the day as a conscious choice for where we live from.

We face the inevitable challenges of our lives from a greater state of equanimity and inner peace as we learn to rest our awareness inside.

Through MM instruction, supportive guidance and practice, we discover that living in and from the neutral midline helps us cultivate an inner refuge and peaceful sanctuary in our body that replenishes us, no matter our life circumstances.

Even in the midst of inner emotional and mental turmoil, life and health challenges, we find a calming refuge in this place of neutral, in our midlines in every moment of our lives.

Our birthright: belonging and connectedness to Source and Mother Earth

MM guidance helps awaken and stabilize our energetic umbilical cord to the web of life, planet Earth and Source: the midline.

The midline map reminds us of our innate energetic connection to the very heart of the Earth. Through guidance and practice we feel the deep peace and renewal when we allow ourselves to rest and merge back into the heart of this planet, and allow our bodies to return to a resonance with her rhythms and aliveness.

In midline instruction, we are invited to follow the midline flow down into the heart of Mother Earth, and allow her to receive us again into her wholeness and nourishing heartbeat and breath. In this way, our energy body and consciousness are filled with this innate wisdom and guidance, and as we return to our lives we are living moment to moment in coherence with her.

Each decision, each choice and body-felt sense comes from this deeper wisdom of Gaia. We are being taught from inside: through our feelings, body felt sense, intuition, inner knowing.

Returning to Oneness, in the body

As we cultivate this restfulness down and in the midline, the neutral quality inherent in the midline begins to widen and deepen. The nervous system relaxes, and we soften into deeper and deeper states of stillness, ease and consciousness.

The Breath of Life flows more fully through the midline and begins to permeate every cell of our body with renewed health, relaxation and wholeness. As the static of the nervous system and brain calms, the nourishing infusion of the Breath of Life not only ignites the forces of health, but awakens our innate inner connectedness to our Divine nature. As we immerse in this blessed stillness of midline awareness, eventually we are able to experience a softening and a dissolving into a state of Oneness, while being fully present in the body.

Time by time, moment by moment, through midline practice we are more easily able to cultivate this deep state of remembrance, which is deeply healing and restorative to body, mind, spirit.

Awakening the heart field

As we rest fully in this midline stillness, the nervous system relaxes, and the heart field naturally awakens as the energetic center of the body. Our innate energetic design is for the midline to be open and flowing, connected to Source and grounded in the Earth, and for the heart (not the brain) to be the choreographer of all of the intricate systems of the body.

In this way, the heart field is stabilized and informed by our grounding into the Earth and the continuous flow of the blueprint of health and inspiration into the midline from Source.

Neutral and heart awareness are TRANSMISSABLE

It is important to note that the state of neutral and heart centered awareness are transmissible. That is, as we are able to cultivate this inner restfulness in a neutral, relaxed state in our midlines our energetic resonance naturally invites other peoples’ energetic fields to also come into resonance with ours.

Thus, our greatest gift to our lives and the people in it can be our own cultivation of the inner peace and equanimity felt within our midlines. Indeed, this equanimity IS our natural state which this practice helps train us to cultivate at any time.

Midline Meditation in relationships and groups: igniting healing, unity and the heart field

The benefits of individual midline practice are cumulative, progressive and potent. Whether used as a personal energy practice, a meditation, or an inner body awareness throughout the day, using midline awareness can have profound positive effects on health and wellbeing.

We have found that the positive effects of this practice are especially enhanced in a relational or group field. As each person rests in their midline of stillness, the neutral radiance is strengthened and enhanced and the heart field is awakened. The healing and unifying effects of midline practice help to bring each person into coherence and deepen their states of relaxation and awakened consciousness.

Healing ourselves, each other, and the planet…one midline and heart at a time

Individual transformation is planetary transformation.

We are living in a time of unprecedented inner and outer change. Many of us believe or sense that we are divine beings having a human experience, yet it is often rare to have a direct, in-body experience of our own divinity, wholeness and oneness with all that is.

The practice of resting in the midline liberates our attention from the unceasing changes and stresses inside and outside of us, and gives us a place of sanctuary and renewal in the body.

You are the Gift

From this place of peace and connection, we are calmed, nourished, strengthened, stabilized, grounded in the body and to the Earth, inspired and awakened to Source,

and more fully able to return to the world and our lives with our innate gifts.

This is our birthright…this is our beautiful design. This website is dedicated to supporting this essential healing and remembrance for every being on this planet.

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